Kentucky Lung Cancer Policy Discussion: Disparities and Radon Awareness A discussion held by the American Lung Association to close out Lung Cancer Awareness Month in Kentucky. Key speakers: Shannon Baker – Director of Advocacy for the American Lung Association  Lindi Campbell – Lung cancer survivor, advocate, and Founder of Breath of Hope Kentucky  Dr. Timothy Mullett – Professor of Thoracic Surgery UK Healthcare  […]

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Lung Cancer Awareness – Prevention, Treatment, and Survivorship

For Lung Cancer Awareness Month, our goal is to raise awareness of the leading cause of cancer deaths in the world. Understanding prevention, treatment, and survivorship are all vital to fighting the effects of lung cancer in our communities. With one voice, we can work together to raise awareness that anyone with lungs can get […]


What are the Leading Risk Factors for Lung Cancer?

Anyone with lungs can get lung cancer. For this reason, everyone should be aware of the potential dangers to their lung health. When most people hear of someone being diagnosed with lung cancer, they assume it was caused by a history of smoking. However, there are other causes that can affect our lung cells besides […]